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"Awaken Your Warrior Goddess Queen" 


Holly Berube 

Holly is a relationship coach for strong, successful women who feel they can't be themselves in their relationship without causing conflict or rocking the boat. She teaches women how to communicate clearly, with ease and love, while creating connected partnerships and experiencing full self-expression.

In 2015, Holly founded the Facebook group and women’s movement, Warrior. Goddess. Queen., and since then has taught over 6,300 members how to be more conscious in their relationships, master their mindfulness, and connect and support each other as global sisters.

Holly is a professional coach for individuals and couples, where her expertise is clear, effective communication in all relationships, while balancing masculine and feminine energy dynamics.

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“I took Holly’s course because I wanted to understand relationships better in my life and how they affected me as a person. I always thrived to be in healthy relationships whether family, friends or significant others and when they became toxic I ended up closing the doors on those relationships but always tried to fix them before closing the door. During the course, I learned a lot about so many different aspects of how others think, see things and how people's energies are a huge part of any relationship. I now am able to recognize those things earlier and am able to be a better version of myself because of it.”


 “I wanted to learn more about how I was affecting the relationships I had with my husband and children, so I took Holly’s course. With the tools I learned, I am now able to have better relationships with the men in my life. I also learned ways to resolve conflicts where there can be a win-win solution for all. Thanks to this course, I am able to ensure that my relationships are thriving.”


“I jumped at the chance to sign up for Holly's course because I wanted to prepare myself for the relationship of my dreams (especially after failing at so many relationships in the past). Holly's vast knowledge and tools have given me the insight and understanding for navigating relationships of various types, successfully avoiding or resolving conflicts. I feel like I now truly understand men, the masculine energy and how they think and respond so much better. I understand myself better too. I feel well-prepared for success in my love life (and in other relationships).”