About Holly

Hi! I'm Holly.

I’m Holly Berube (soon-to-be Holly Hibbard), and I’m an Emotional Intelligence Coach certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF-PCC).

I help people who feel stressed, overwhelmed, and misunderstood bring emotional intelligence into their lives so they can build relationships, confidently achieve their goals, and feel self-aware. 


In other words… I create a space for my clients where they can reveal their emotional selves. You bring the self-awareness and the authentic sharing, and I'll bring the loving Mama Bear-Big Sister energy. where you can explore yourself, thoughts and emotions safely.

I've been coaching in the personal development space since 2014, and it's my life's passion to witness my clients and students dismantle their defeating inner dialogues, overcome Imposter Syndrome, and regain trust in themselves all while practicing forgiveness and compassion.

I absolutely love to nerd out about communication hacks, growth mindset, vulnerability, authentic self-expression, boundaries, energy dynamics, personality styles, and tons more.

Truly, my purpose and passion are to connect people through grounded, authentic relationships, and for that to happen, Emotional Intelligence is a MUST!

My committment is to benefit my clients both personally and professionally, showing them easy-to-use tools that help them exude confidence, communicate effectively, and experience their daily lives with open, courageous, and empowered mindsets.

In my free time, I love spending time with my family and friends, hiking, kayaking, working out, attending Bible studies, cooking, and binging episodes of my favorite podcasts.

My family and I currently reside in metro Detroit, Michigan.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

  • SOCIAL SKILLS: Being able to create and maintain healthy relationships
  • SELF-AWARENESS: Knowledge of your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions
  • DECISION-MAKING: The ability to make choices and accept their outcomes
  • EMPATHY: Your capacity to empathize and appreciate another perspective
  • SELF-REGULATION: Your ability to regulate your emotions and actions in a variety of environments

New to Emotional Intelligence and want to learn more? Check out my podcast - Relatable Matters - available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and most podcast streaming applications.


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