The Practical Guide to Feminine Power:

Your Journey Awaits

As a student of The Practical Guide to Feminine Power, you will learn to:
  • Apply the principles of the feminine power in your everyday life
  • Have access to feminine energy on demand
  • Enhance your relationship with yourself and others
  • Embody confidence, grace and sensuality while still feeling like yourself
  • Integrate feminine power in masculine settings
  • Unlock your creative potential
  • Hone your intuition and embrace your magic
  • Cultivate self-worth and full self-expression

Access Your Feminine Power

In week one, we will learn to tap into our feminine essence and trust ourselves.



Access Your Self-Worth

In week two, we focus on cultivating your self-worth using simple everyday practices.



Access Your Creativity

In week three, we will awaken our creativity using playfulness and fun.



Access Your Intuition

In week four, we will follow our intuition and learn ways to trust that gut feeling more often.



Turn Up Your Radiance

In week five, we will turn your inner light back on, so you experience true radiance and confidence from the inside out.


Realize Your Full Self-Expression

In week six, we will bring it all together by allowing ourselves to be fully expressed without judgment or limitations.


The Practical Guide to Feminine Power: Journey Overview


The sister course to The Sacred Feminine workshop, The Practical Guide to Feminine Power, is a six week journey designed to integrate the principles of feminine energy and power in your everyday life. The course will include six weekly, 90-minute Zoom sessions led by Liz and Holly where we will learn, practice and apply the principles of the Divine Feminine. Topics and themes will include creativity, grace, intuition, self-worth, authenticity and full self-expression. Additionally, each week, the course includes practical applications and group discussions to support your personal journey alongside other sisters.


Session Dates & Times


  • WEEK ONE: Thursday, March 24th, 2022
  • WEEK TWO: Thursday, March 31st, 2022
  • WEEK THREE: Thursday, April 7th, 2022
  • WEEK FOUR: Thursday, April 14th, 2022
  • WEEK FIVE: Thursday, April 21st, 2022
  • WEEK SIX: Thursday, April 28th, 2022
    All Sessions are held via Zoom from 8 pm to 9:30 pm EST.

 Meet Your Teachers

Holly Berube 

Holly is a relationship coach for strong, successful women who feel they can't be themselves in their relationship without causing conflict or rocking the boat. She teaches women how to communicate clearly, with ease and love, while creating connected partnerships and experiencing full self-expression.

In 2015, Holly founded the Facebook group and women’s movement, Warrior. Goddess. Queen., and since then has taught over 6,300 members how to be more conscious in their relationships, master their mindfulness, and connect and support each other as global sisters.

Holly is a professional coach for individuals and couples, where her expertise is clear, effective communication in all relationships, while balancing masculine and feminine energy dynamics.

Liz Haber Zambrano

Liz Haber Zambrano is a professionally certified coach with International Coach Federation and certified transformational trainer specializing in women’s development.

Over her career, Liz has worked with hundreds of women and men and has logged over 1,000 hours in combined coaching and workshop facilitating experience. Liz’s coaching and training style propels you to love your life.

She supports women to create extraordinary results, and have their dreams realized, and focus on what really matters to them. She also assists women in mastering communication and leadership skills to effectively inspire others. As a coach and trainer, Liz supports women and their families to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, whole, and safe.

Liz has a passionate heart for possibility and a desire for every woman to know the true gift they are to our world, the people around them, and themselves. Liz is the owner of a private coaching practice, Living in Zen Coaching, LLC, and works as a facilitator of The Sacred Feminine workshop.

Liz is also a mother, daughter, sister, and wife. In her free time, she enjoys eating great meals with her family and friends, traveling the world, and spending rainy days watching movies on the couch.

The Practical Guide to Feminine Power


Here's what students are saying about The Practical Guide to Feminine Power

Ezgi Smith

"The Practical Guide to Feminine Power with Liz and Holly was incredible, and one of the most amazing gifts I have ever given myself!
If you’re looking for connection, sisterhood, ancient wisdom, and reawakening of your feminine creative power, this is the course for you. I experienced a heightened sense of my femininity and sexuality and learned how to bring back attraction and enhance my relationship with my husband. 
If you want to know how to play and build alongside the masculine using your feminine powers while being bold and badass and building your tribe… then you might be onto something here. :)"

- CEO, Garex Industries

Ananda Nelson

"The Practical Guide to Feminine Power is perfect for any and all women who are looking for community and connection.. while deepening their own understanding of the feminine principal and how to apply it in their lives!! Holly and Liz are AMAZING coaches and guides for this course full of wisdom for deep insight AND tools for day to day life in relationships.. motherhood.. and anything you could think of relating to the feminine. This course grounded me even deeper in my own practices in my life, and offered me so much information. It was light and fun while also thought provoking. Their amazing journal prompts allowed me to have more insight within my own self and for that I am forever grateful. You do not want to miss this course!!"

- Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern

Sharmin Aziz

"Before taking the Practical Guide to Feminine Power, I thought I knew what self love and self care were. Boy was I wrong. I learned soo much with Liz and Holly throughout this course. They provided us with endless tools that help guide me more gracefully through my life, my relationships and taught me how to easily access the flow of the feminine in my day to day. Since starting the course I’ve learned the important distinctions between the masculine/feminine energies and where in my life I’m using one vs the other. This course was very doable schedule wise, and they accommodate for everyone with no pressure to meet deadlines or do things a certain way. The freedom with which the course was built made it easy for me to stay committed and incorporate it into my daily life. Thank you Liz & Holly!!"

- Digital Campaign Coordinator 


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The Practical Guide to Feminine Power